Backend JavaScript Developer who wants to make people’s everyday better at Tjek


Backend JavaScript Developer who wants to make people’s everyday better

Full-Time in Copenhagen, DK

Hey stranger!

How are you? We don't know why you're reading this; perhaps you're looking for a change in your life or maybe you just happily stumbled onto this job offer.

Regardless, we're glad that you're here. We hope you might be the backend developer that we're looking for 😊

At Tjek, we want to make your everyday better. More specifically, we’re on a mission to help you, and all other people, get the products they actually need. We help about 1 million people every month and +500K people every week. We work with a core principle of putting people first in everything we do; we build products for people by people.

What would be an ideal place to work for you? Maybe it's an organization…

  • that has a clear purpose of making people's everyday better
  • that is on a mission to help people discover and get the products they actually need
  • that believes in and loves using software to fix real-world problems
  • believe in putting people first. Money doesn't drive decisions
  • that is a scale-up where you can make a lot of big decisions on your own

It might also be a place where:

  • there is a flat hierarchy without a bunch of rigid processes, meetings and bureaucracy and where you can talk directly to the co-founders
  • you can work from home when you need it and structure your own working hours
  • we prioritize your mental well-being as much as your physical health
  • we believe done is better than perfect

By now, you might have guessed we're trying to describe ourselves. This place is called Tjek



Recently, we've decided to ditch our existing microservices architecture and build a monolith so we can move faster.

More precisely, a majestic monolith as preached by David Heinemeier Hansson:

That's why we've recently decided to move to a framework called Prisma ( This framework allows us to easily build a GraphQL API in Node.js. Prisma is simply amazing to work with and it allows us to easily define our own data model and worry less about boilerplate code. It allows you to focus on what actually provides value to people.


We are looking for a high spirited, kind and impatient person that loves to fix real-world problems with software. A person that understands the importance of moving forward and releasing new updates to people. And equally important: just a fun and interesting person to hang out with.

We expect you have 3-5 years of experience with:

  • Node.js, JavaScript and backends in general
  • Software Architecture. Design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of low-latency, high-availability applications that are tested and scalable
  • Relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL

We expect you to be the kind of person that just gets things done regardless of barriers and we expect you to be able to find simple solutions that are easy to maintain afterwards. Every day, we try to fight complexity as an organization.

Maybe this is you. Maybe it's not and that's fine. It's really important for us to find the right person for us. You might be the best developer out there but we're not looking for that alone. The soft and social skills are equally important. We want someone that shares our values and mission and someone we can have fun with as well. Work shouldn't just be about work.


Send us your résumé along with a cover letter that introduces yourself and tell us why you’re interested.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out to me, Fie (People and Culture Person), so that we can clear anything up.

We look forward to hearing from you! 😊