DevOps Engineer with a passion for problem solving at Tjek


DevOps Engineer with a passion for problem solving

Full-Time in Copenhagen, DK - Remote OK - Engineering

Hey stranger! đź‘‹

Looking for a new job? Well, we can reveal one thing to you already - you came to the right place.

At Tjek, we are on an exciting journey, and we need someone with the skills to help us accelerate the process.

Are you passionate about DevOps, want to learn more, and challenge not only yourself but also existing and future infrastructure decisions in an equally passionate company? Cool. Then we might be just the right fit for you.

You’ll be joining our team of 15 engineers, working closely with our other DevOps Engineer to maintain and improve upon our infrastructure to make it efficient and modern. If Amazon Web Services, Docker and Kubernetes are technologies that you find interesting, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore.

Alongside your DevOps partner in crime you'll ensure that the engineers have the tools needed to easily deploy and manage their projects. These are written in many different languages such as Erlang, Go, Python, Node and PHP, so there's plenty to dig into.

You’ll definitely shine if…

  • You’re an excellent problem solver
  • You’re experienced working in Linux
  • You’re passionate, eager to learn and love supporting talented engineers
  • … oh and you have a good sense of humor? Great! Things are looking pretty sweet, if you ask us.

You’ll get extra points if…

  • You’re able to help build Docker containers
  • You’re experienced with orchestration tools such as Kubernetes, OpenStack or similar
  • You’re knowledgeable about IT security
  • You’re familiar with AWS
  • You’re used to working with monitoring and logs
  • You have experience programming in Go? Awesome! Please tell us more 🤩

Wanna know more about our current infrastructure, go read:

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Building a Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline on AWS with CodePipeline & Codebuild @ShopGun

Tjek is an organization...

  • that helps more than +500k people every week and more than 1 million people every month get the products they need to fulfill their everyday needs
  • that has a flat hierarchy without a bunch of rigid processes, meetings and bureaucracy and where you can talk directly to the co-founders
  • that is a scale-up where you can make a lot of big decisions on your own
  • that prioritizes both your mental and physical health

Our story

The idea behind Tjek started in 2009 under the name eTilbudsavis in Denmark. During the last 10 years, Tjek has expanded and now operates in more than 5 countries around Europe under the brands eTilbudsavis, Mattilbud and ShopGun. Feel free to snoop around the different apps to get a feel of what it is we do, and what it is you will become a part of making even better.

Are you still intrigued? Please send us:

  • A cover letter that introduces yourself and, most importantly, tells us why you're interested.
  • Do you by chance have a GitHub where we can snoop around? Then please send us the link.
  • Got questions? Feel free to reach out to our People & Culture Person, Fie Jørgensen, at +45 71991911